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Our wedding routes are timed in advance to ensure the smooth running of the day's events. The wedding cars really DO LOOK AS GOOD as the photographs. We welcome viewings of the cars so you can check out the quality of the wedding cars for yourself.

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Wedding cars to turn heads & a truly great service

The Service Provided

Relax in the roomy, opulent rear seats of the Regent laundalette, which comfortably accommodates the most glamorous of wedding dresses. The matching Bramwith will transport up to six people in your bridal party in comfort and style to the reception.

With the laundelette rear hood folded down on the rear of car, an exceptional opportunity has been created for photographs and videos of the bride and groom on their happy day.

Picture the scene, the bride and groom sitting with the roof down, sipping champagne, waving at guests and bystanders, with the driver sounding the unique klaxon horn as he whisks you from the marriage ceremony to your reception.

Select Occasion provides top quality Champagne for the bride and groom to enjoy on their first journey as husband and wife! The chauffeur will open the bottle before to the couple get into the car, giving your photographer and guests an excellent photo opportunity.

Our wedding routes are timed in advance to ensure the smooth running of the day’s events. The wedding cars really do look as good as the photographs. We welcome viewings of the wedding cars and if necessary, can bring the cars to you for inspection, where the prospective happy couple can check out the quality of the wedding cars for themselves.

Our wedding cars cover all of Northern Ireland including County Londonderry, Antrim, Tyrone, Down, Fermanagh and Armagh. Towns that we provide our wedding car service include Londonderry, Derry, Limavady, Coleraine, Ballymena, Magherafelt, Belfast, Ballyclare, Templepatrick, Donegal, Cookstown, Dungannon, Omagh, Armagh, and Lisburn. However our wedding cars also travel to Newry, Banbridge, Newcastle, Enniskillen, Cavan.

… in fact going anywhere in Northern Ireland and the border counties.

The Twins (A foreword from Becky)

Hello there, I'm Rebecca Regent (Becky) and I’m a little bit shy as I’ve just been built in late 2008, I’m an outstanding limousine in two tone gold, which makes me a perfect match to go with my baby brother, Bertie Bramwith. We are all from the 1920's era, and both Bertie and myself have the added option of the laundellette folding back quarter which is absolutely fabulous for photographs. Accommodating up to 6 adults, I am the perfect choice for those bigger bridal parties or as a very impressive bridal car. My brother Bertie also comes in matching two tone gold, and when people see us together they can hardly believe their eyes as we are stunning as a pair!

What we will try to do on the Day (weather permitting)...

Arriving at your house
On your Wedding Day we endeavour to get Becky and Bertie, our two stunning cars to your pick up address in plenty of time. When you know the Cars are outside even though you may not be leaving for another 15 –30 minutes, its one thing less to worry about. At Select Occasion, we allow enough time, so if there is an unexpected delay along the way the wedding party or drivers have not got to panic.

Going to the Church or Venue

When the wedding party are ready to depart and are we on our way to the church, Bertie, the bridesmaids car goes in front of Becky, as both Becky and Bertie look stunning in convoy. As we pass places where you may know people, the cars can blow the horns periodically, you may be surprised how many strangers and passers by will also pip their horns or wave you on your way, and wish you good luck as you pass by.

Arriving at the Church or Venue
As we get near to the church, Becky slows down or pulls up and Bertie, the bridesmaid’s car goes ahead to give the photographer plenty of time to take photos of your bridesmaids, and get the car unloaded. Bertie then moves forward a little to make room for Becky, the bridal car.

The driver now at the church can tell the driver in the bridal car what is happening and when to make his approach, and that all is clear for Becky bridal car to arrive in style.

If it’s a nice day, your driver will put the laundalette roof down so that you arrive with spectacular photo opportunities from all directions.

Becky, the bridal car will now arrive at the church or venue slowly, and gracefully, don’t forget to wave like Royalty because its your day, its your moment, and we want you to enjoy it.

Your drivers will work to the photographers directions, and assist in obtaining stunning photographs.
Now, its time to go into the church and get married.

While you are in the Ceremony
While you are at the marriage ceremony we will get Becky and Bertie cleaned and turned around ready for the journey to the reception. We will position Becky, the bridal car in front of Bertie, the bridesmaids car as this time it the bride and groom goes in front.

We can fit a board on the back that says Just Married, (optional). When you return to the cars from the venue or church, we will have the champagne ready for opening.

How we deal with the Sparkly Stuff
We will open your bottle of sparkling wine i.e., perform a “Cork Popping!” We will get it ready on the running board of the car and endeavour to position the car so that the photo of this spectacle has the church in the background, although sometimes it’s not possible.

We then try to get all your family and friends around the car and get them to give you a nice three cheers, Hip Hip…

Most of your guests from both bride and grooms families will have never met before so it’s nice to get them to cheer together for you. We will give the bottle a small shake, and then usually the cork will take off…POP…and there will be a small plume of froth for the photo. The sparkling wine part doesn’t work so well if it’s raining, as most of your guests will have fled to their cars, so in our changeable weather conditions it can become your choice on the day.

Travelling to the Reception
After you have done some more serious posing at the gardens, beach or your special venue for your photography, we take you in style to your reception. Both Becky and Bertie look impressive in convoy.

Becky will drive off with the bride and groom, letting the bridesmaid’s wave you off, giving you further photo opportunities. Becky, who normally likes to transport the bride and groom will slow down letting Bertie, who will be transporting the wedding party, catch up and both cars will drive in convoy.

At the reception your videographer and photographer will usually want a few more minutes before moving on to the next stage of the proceedings and that’s were we finish our part of your wedding. Although we may have gone, we will definitely not be forgotten by both your guests and by yourselves. Becky and Bertie are very photogenic and will look stunning in your photographs!

With special cars comes a special service...

  • At Select Occasion, we provide more than just a car to get you from your home to the church and reception. We believe, it’s the style and comfort of how you travel there!
  • Indulge in the Luxury of a stunning pair of matching, vintage style cars, finished in beautiful two tone gold with matching cream leather interior. Stunning, reliable and unique!
  • Relax in the roomy, opulent rear seats, which will comfortably accommodate the most glamorous of wedding dresses. The second car will also transport your bridal party in comfort to the reception. (Up to six people can travel in the second car)
  • With the laundelette open top folded down, on the rear of car, an exceptional opportunity has been created for photographing and video graphing both the bride and groom on their happy day.
  • As the happy couple sit, sipping quality champagne, waving at guests and bystanders, the driver sounds the klaxon horn as he whisks you elegantly and worry free from the marriage ceremony to your reception.

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